Study Finds Melatonin Gummies Sold in the US Often Contain Inaccurate Amounts of Melatonin and CBD

Study Finds Melatonin Gummies Sold in the US Often Contain Inaccurate Amounts of Melatonin and CBD

Melatonin gummies are a popular sleep aid among children and adults alike. However, a recent study published in JAMA found that the majority of melatonin gummies sold in the US are inaccurately labeled and contain higher quantities of melatonin and cannabidiol (CBD) than declared on the labels. The study analyzed 25 brands of melatonin gummies and found that only three of them contained a quantity of melatonin that was within ±10% of the declared quantity. 

  • The actual quantity of melatonin ranged from 74% to 347% of the labeled quantity.
  • One product did not contain detectable levels of melatonin but contained 31.3 mg of CBD.
  • The actual quantity of CBD ranged from 104% to 118% of the labeled quantity.

Clinicians should advise parents that pediatric use of melatonin gummies may result in ingestion of unpredictable quantities of melatonin and CBD.


  • Cohen, P. A., Avula, B., Wang, Y.-H., Katragunta, K., & Khan, I. (2023). Quantity of Melatonin and CBD in Melatonin Gummies Sold in the US. JAMA, 329(16), 1401–1402.
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