Maximizing Your Health and Performance with Supplements: A Guide to Sleep, Nutrition, and Budget

Maximizing Your Health and Performance with Supplements: A Guide to Sleep, Nutrition, and Budget

Regarding supplements, there are a few key things to consider before purchasing. These include assessing your current sleep patterns, nutrition intake, and budget. By closely examining these three factors, you can make more informed decisions about which supplements may benefit you and your specific needs. Whether you're looking to improve your sleep, boost your nutrition, or save money, this blog will explore the options available to you and provide valuable insight on choosing the right supplements for your lifestyle and budget.


If you're not getting enough sleep or feeling rested, that opens up a different set of conversations about what you need to do and possibly take to improve your sleep. 


It's also important to consider your nutrition, whether you're getting enough vitamins and minerals, and how your digestion is. 


Lastly, budget is an essential factor in deciding which supplements to take.

Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to utilize supplements rather than try to get certain minerals, vitamins, and adaptogens, from food sources.

  • If someone can spend around $100 or more per month on supplements, our recommendation would be to focus on buffering and enhancing foundational nutrition like adaptogens, probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes. These will help raise the tide on all the biological and organ systems that lead to enhanced mental health, physical health, and performance, including sleep.
  • If the budget is between zero and $50, then it's essential to consider which foundational nutrients are the most important to focus on and find the most cost-effective ways to supplement them.
  • If the budget is zero, it's essential to focus on what foods and patterns of food intake will best support mental and physical health and performance.
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