The Ins and Outs of Knocked: Understanding What to Expect When Taking Knocked Supplements

The Ins and Outs of Knocked: Understanding What to Expect When Taking Knocked Supplements

If you recently started taking Knocked or if you're interested in taking Knocked, you probably have a few questions about what to expect. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Everyone’s sleep hygiene is unique. Your body's reaction to Knocked depends on your lifestyle, sleep habits, supplements, medications, and more—so stay in tune with how your body responds to Knocked over the next few weeks.

Questions you may have about your first experience with Knocked

“I woke up earlier than usual. Am I a morning person now?”

Knocked promotes a more optimal circadian rhythm and ultradian cycle. Sleep and wakefulness is composed of several ultradian cycles. Waking up at the conclusion of an ultradian cycle leaves you refreshed. Yet, most people's alarms will wake them up in the middle of an ultradian cycle leaving them feeling groggy and wanting more sleep.

When your sleep begins to regulate into your optimal cycle with Knocked, you’ll find yourself sleeping deeper, and waking up earlier, naturally.

"Am I getting enough sleep?"

Many people report waking up earlier and more energized when they take Knocked. However, "earlier" is relative to how many hours each person normally sleeps each night. 

That said, research shows 7-8 hours of sleep is optimal and that's what we recommend. If you’re meeting that minimum sleep requirement while getting high enough quality sleep, which Knocked helps facilitate, then you should be getting enough sleep.

Consistently getting more than eight hours of sleep or less than seven hours of sleep is linked to higher mortality rates. There is one exception here—about 5% of people are genetically predisposed to functioning at a normal level with less sleep. You can take a genetic test to find out if you're one of these people.

"Is Knocked habit-forming? I slept great, but I don't want to grow reliant on Knocked to sleep."

Knocked is safe to use every day. We use three natural mineral and herb-based ingredients with high safety margins.

Knocked isn't a standard sleep aid designed to immediately put you to sleep like many melatonin or antihistamine-based supplements or medications. Think of Knocked more like a vitamin, but for sleep. If you skip a night or two, don’t stress, what’s more important is practicing proper sleep hygiene.

"My dreams are more vivid when I take Knocked. Is that normal?"

It's completely normal to have vivid dreams while taking Knocked—especially at the outset.

If you're having vivid dreams, it's likely the first time you're getting high-quality sleep in a while. Your body is making up for lost REM sleep. Dreaming means you're getting deep rest and quality sleep.

If vivid dreams persist after 2 weeks and you are still not waking up feeling refreshed, consider pausing the use of Knocked.

"I’m not falling asleep immediately. Is Knocked working?"

The ingredients in Knocked are clinically proven to help with the onset of sleep. If you find yourself unable to go to sleep, take a quick inventory of your sleep routine to ensure you're practicing proper sleep hygiene.

For example, are you dimming lights prior to bed? Cooling down the room to 60-67 degrees? Is the room quiet? Are you eating too much or too little before bed? 

"What else should I do to ensure Knocked works as effectively as possible?"

Behavioral tools are the most impactful lever you can pull to ensure higher-quality sleep. Proper sleep hygiene will help Knocked be more effective—leading to higher energy levels and increased clarity throughout your day.

"How long do I have to take Knocked to really feel the benefits?"

Most people experience benefits after one night, but our formula works better over time. We recommend using Knocked every night to achieve consistent high-quality sleep. In 1-2 weeks, you'll know whether or not Knocked is for you based on how you feel during the day or whether you're experiencing any negative side effects.

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ section of our website. You can also reach out directly at or chat with us using the chat icon on the lower righthand corner of your screen. 

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Knocked Sleep Support is a natural, non-habit forming, melatonin-free sleep aid that relies on simple, mineral and herb based ingredients to help you fall and stay asleep without feeling groggy the next morning. 

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Knocked is safe to use every day. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. We use natural mineral and herb based ingredients that have high safety margins and are non-habit forming.

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Knocked is naturally effective. Our ingredients and behavioral sleep tools are proven to support your body's natural sleep processes by easing your nervous system and promoting a state of relaxation.

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Knocked is melatonin-free. Studies show long-term melatonin use results in hormone imbalances that make it more difficult for you to achieve natural, high-quality sleep.